Upholstery Cleaning

Professional, Local Upholstery Cleaning for a Clean, Healthy Furniture

Our list of cleaning services includes a comprehensive upholstery cleaning treatment. Our professional upholstery cleaning treatment extracts all dirt, stains and allergens from your comfy furniture. Our highly-skilled technicians work deep into all folds, crevices and seams to guarantee a thorough clean.

Safe, Organic Clean to Restore Your Comfy Spot

After time, we know that your comfy spots in your upholstery start to collect and show messes. These messes make your furniture look shabby and worn. Let our experienced technicians clean up the messes with non-toxic, organic products. We work with all types of fabrics, both natural and synthetic, including silk, leather, micro fiber, cotton, wool and suede.

Call Westchester Rug Cleaner today and let one of our friendly customer service representatives schedule your free, at-home upholstery cleaning estimate. We want to give you the pleasure of completely clean, fresh upholstery.

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